Links to share

I have to share this incredibly interesting thought experiment on what the “perfect” human would be, given our current understanding of human genetics (and making some pretty big assumptions, but I challenge you to do better!). Relevant to people who think there is such a thing as a “pure” genetic line: The perfect human is Puerto Rican

Why is there a Lyme vaccine for your dog but not for you? Anti-vax hysteria made the Lyme vaccine inaccessible to many people in high risk areas: The incredibly frustrating reason there’s no Lyme disease vaccine

A very interesting eco-evolutionary trap…butterflies evolved to use an invasive plant, but became too dependent on it, and when land management changed the butterflies went (locally) extinct: Lethal trap created by adaptive evolutionary response to an exotic resource

Just a reminder that there may be life on Europa! Will we ever find out? Probably not in my lifetime: Icy Moon Of Jupiter Spews Water Plumes Into Space

How many flowers do we really need to support bees? More! Ken Thompson: how much pollen does it take to raise a bee?

Plant of the week! This crazy bellflower with red nectar, which it uses to signal lizard pollinators: Nesocodon mauritianus

St. Venus’s prayer: God grant me the courage to eat the bugs that give me nitrogen, the serenity to release those that pollinate me, and the wisdom to put my flowers high above my trap: Venus flytraps know not to eat the insects that pollinate them

Long time readers of this blog will know how I love to go on about blue pigments in nature. For some reason, this is a topic I keep coming back to! Discovery Of 1st New Blue Pigment In 200 Years Leads To Quest For Elusive Red

The Farm Bill just failed to pass in the House…here’s a reminder of why that bill is so important: What the 2018 farm bill means for urban, suburban and rural America

Star Wars insects!!! Imagined Insects Camouflaged as Star Wars Characters by Illustrator Richard Wilkinson


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