Random thoughts and photos during field work

I keep having this dream lately where I’m under water and I swim up to the surface to get air. When I get above the surface, there’s a rocky outcropping nearby and there are big, choppy waves. Every single time, I think “this is the ocean, it should taste salty, but it tastes fresh…I must be dreaming.” Then I wake up. What do you make of that?
I was out on a run the other day after a long, exhausting day of field work…I’ve been working long days seven days a week lately trying to keep up with my work. I was so tired on this run, and the path was choppy and broken up and I tripped at full speed. As soon as I tripped, I knew I couldn’t save it…I had a horrible long gasp, then I shouted a bad word mid-air and totally supermanned it. I skinned one forearm (protecting my face) and one knee (very bloody), plus I bruised the top of my other knee and one rib and one hip. I hit the ground so hard, and I don’t know why. When I’m totally honest, the part of the path I tripped on wasn’t even that rough…I was just too tired to pay attention. The point of all this is that I’m always super impressed by the bright pink skin that my body makes under a new scab when it starts peeling off. Good work, body. My running tights, on the other hand, have not healed yet.
I have to lock up my watering cans with bike locks at all my field sites because people steal everything in Dublin. But they starting stealing the nozzles off the end of the watering cans. What are they going to do with those?!?!?!
The night after the Santa Fe shooting, I couldn’t sleep. I’m teaching a course at an American university next year. What would I do if there was a shooter on campus? How could I protect my students? What about those teachers that tried to protect their students and died in the process? I’m no warrior…I’m a nerdy scientist who likes bees. (Even though one time I did defend my students with nothing more than a plastic butterfly net against a giant turkey.) How can I possibly hope to keep my students safe against an armed psychopath? I lay awake all night with these thoughts spinning around in my mind.
I wish humans were as logical as bees.


11 thoughts on “Random thoughts and photos during field work

  1. Sounds like you need a good rest! But great to find refreshment in nature – maybe try walking! Super pics – the wild garlic is amazing at the moment. And pay attention to your dreams – your deep unconscious is communicating with you – which is terrific! The book Inner Work, by Robert Johnson is really good on this πŸ™‚

  2. Perhaps the choppy waves reflect your troubled mind as you grapple with the challenges of work. Perhaps your university will have some guidance for staff to follow in the event of a shooting. I wish humans were like bees too. Wishing you good sleep and sweeter dreams!

  3. Random thoughts indeed and some beautiful photos too. I fear we will never understand humanity. Sorry about your fall. Maybe after a hard days fieldwork you should consider you have had enough exercise and skip the run. As for the watering can rose, i am always lossing mine, so i expect other people do too, so they are just looking for replacements!!

  4. #1 You are in a lake with a rocky shoreline. #2 Bad luck, ouch. Get well soon. #3 A well-documented minor Celtic deviance #4 You shouldn’t have to be that person -Tweet The Donald to ask for NRA protection. Good luck with that.

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