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A really neat discovery on how stick insects disperse…much like seeds, their eggs are digested by the birds that consume the adults and are pooped out elsewhere: Insects that look like sticks, behave like fruit, and move like seeds

If you’re into the super hero stuff, here’s an article about the real life super powers of wasps (not as lame as it sounds): Five Real Life Wasp Superpowers Not in Ant-Man and the Wasp

And more arthropod super powers…spiders can use electricity to fly! Spiders Can Fly Hundreds of Miles Using Electricity

Beyond bees…implications of widespread neonic use: Why it’s time to curb widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides

I think the title is a bit misleading here…the point of the studies was that towns are *less bad* for bees than agricultural areas where lots of pesticides are sprayed, not that they are ideal bee habitat. Nonetheless, I agree with the take away point that all of us can make space where we live (no matter how big or small) to help support pollinators by planting flowers! Bumblebees thrive in towns more than countryside

The animal of the week is the Arabian sand boa…please admire (not my photos, sources included in links)


4 thoughts on “Links to share

  1. Stick insects? Yessssss! I kept and bred them when I was a kid. Large jam jar with holes in the lid, plenty of privet to eat / do tricks on (hang upside down! Do press ups, kind of! All the fun of the circus…)

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