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Amazing space photos, courtesy of NASA:

More interesting plant pollinator interactions: Flower Mimics The Smell of Dying Honey Bees to Attract Pollinators

I visited Kilarney last weekend, I wanted to see a puffin and I did not. Alas! Cream puffins: CREAM PUFFIN SWEETIE PIES

On a more serious note, I mentioned to the bus driver, “Puffins are globally vulnerable, right?” and he said, “Yeah, but they’re fine.” Try to figure out the logic there, if you can: Why Are Puffins Vanishing? The Hunt for Clues Goes Deep (Into Their Burrows)

We should all be aware of the sunk cost fallacy. Just because you’ve already invested time/money/energy into something does not mean you should keep investing: Sunk cost fallacy: Throwing good money after bad

Bees develop an unhealthy addiction to neonicotinoid pesticides…workers can detect thiamethoxam and increase the proportion of their visits to thiamethoxam laced food over time, increasing the exposure risk of the colony. Note that the increase in visits was largely to the intermediate concentration of the pesticide, which is an interesting detail: Foraging bumblebees acquire a preference for neonicotinoid-treated food with prolonged exposure

These amazing vintage photos of arthropods. Why are these better than my arthropod photos!? Vintage Photos of Insects and Spiders in Vivid Detail

Jupiter has a weird magnetic field…I’ve always been interested in magnetic fields and recently had a discussion with my father (who works for NASA) about the threats of debris and radiation for any long-term space program to astronauts. Physical shielding is heavy and difficult to transport, so I keep thinking we need a way to develop a transportable magnetic field to protect the astronauts. Obviously, there are all sorts of issues with developing that, and this is a tangent, but anyway, I thought we might be able to learn something from Jupiter: Jupiter’s magnetic field is surprisingly weird

Of course I have to share Brazil’s devastating National Museum fire…I can’t emphasize enough how important museum collections are to research on natural history and human impacts. This is a tragedy partly caused by the fact that the government did not invest in this museum. Reading Ed Yong’s article gave me a good sense of the scale of the impact: What Was Lost in Brazil’s Devastating Museum Fire


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