Cat caught red-pawed

It’s interesting because in Dublin it seems like the semi-feral cats own the land the houses are on and people just occasionally put out food for them, but no one actually owns a cat, as far as I can tell. The whole city could probably be divided up by cat territories, if only we could read their scents. Of course, as we know, outdoor cats have been well-shown to be vicious predators, killing literally billions of animals each year by one estimate.

All of that is just a lead up to this cat I caught (by camera) in Ghent, belly deep in this box, which on first passing I had assumed to be some sort of nest box for birds. Anyone recognize it? Maybe it was even meant for the cat somehow.

Anyway, he started guiltily when he noticed me, then decided he wasn’t in the least bit ashamed of his actions and hammed it up for the camera.

Yeah, I ate your little birds, what about it?


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