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A thing we have also found in cultivated ornamental plants…their floral resources tend to be of lower quality and quantity, now also found in crop species. This includes a reduction in essential amino acids and anti-microbial compounds in the pollen and nectar. Obviously, these are important considerations if we expect bees to pollinate these crops, in spite of the fact that they are now providing reduced nutrition. Anyway, an important paper, in my opinion: Crop Domestication Alters Floral Reward Chemistry With Potential Consequences for Pollinator Health

Okay, so a new pesticide developed that people are surprised harms bees…can we stop being surprised that insecticides harm bees? They are insects! Things designed to kill insects will probably always harm bees: A new pesticide may be as harmful to bees as the old one

These photomicrography (say that five times fast) competitions are always fun! 2018 Photomicrography Competition

An interesting story about a critical threat to our coffee crops. This rust fungus can devastate a coffee harvest and we don’t know how to stop it long term: Coffee Rust Threatens Latin American Crop; 150 Years Ago, It Wiped Out An Empire

I’ve been listening to this podcast called The Truth, and I thought this story was so well done. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but don’t listen unless you like creepy stuff! And if you do listen, make sure you pay attention…every detail is important: The Dark End of the Mall

Speaking of favourite podcasts, I love The Moth also, and this is one of my favourite stories on it…absolutely unbelievable true story about survival and forgiveness: The full epic of Ed Gavagan

Okay, one more podcast link for a more light-hearted note. This is another one of my favourite Moth stories, and it’s funny! Empathetic Subway Screaming

An interesting essay on invasive species, a topic I am quite interested in as you know. My thoughts on invasive species are ever-evolving: What Happens When Humans Fall In Love With An Invasive Species


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