Scenes from the Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is just a loop road that goes around the Kerry peninsula in the southwestern corner of Ireland. My aunt and uncle and little cousin River were visiting Ireland, so I tagged along for their tour of this peninsula. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, and it makes me want to go back […]

The Clouded Morning, by Jones Very

It feels like this was a poem written about Dublin, but I don’t know if that is true, haha. The Clouded Morning The morning comes, and thickening clouds prevail, Hanging like curtains all the horizon round, Or overhead in heavy stillness sail; So still is day, it seems like night profound; Scarce by the city’s […]

Rook photos and “Black Rook in Rainy Weather”, by Sylvia Plath

This rook was totally hamming it up for me when I was in Dingle a few weeks ago. What a cutie! I feel like most people don’t like rooks but I think they are beautiful This guy was loving the camera Still, that’s a wicked looking beak… I asked my friend (who is excellent at […]

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Amazing space photos, courtesy of NASA: More interesting plant pollinator interactions: Flower Mimics The Smell of Dying Honey Bees to Attract Pollinators I visited Kilarney last weekend, I wanted to see a puffin and I did not. Alas! Cream puffins: CREAM PUFFIN SWEETIE PIES On a more serious note, I mentioned to the bus […]

Lacewing larva with a backpack

Lacewing larvae are predatory, and they are bug bros because they eat pest insects like aphids. They can bite, though, so be wary! Look at those big jaws! This group of lacewing larvae carry detritus on their backs, which has been suggested to camouflage them among their prey, like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Cool […]

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I’m loving Sinead Burke right now…I heard her do a Moth story (you know I love The Moth), and this article is awesome: Sinead Burke: Why I Chose To Embrace My Differences More beautiful Irish language for the landscape, arguing that part of the loss of Irish as a language is a loss of our […]