Here lies…

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve decided to let this blog die it’s slow death, even though this decision makes me feel terribly sad and lonely. I’m taking it as a sign from the universe that I have once again fallen into my same old habit of “over-sharing”. I started this blog […]

Where in the world is SOIMF*?

That’s right reader(s)…I’m still traveling! In fact, I’m in the middle of five weeks of consecutive travel. Four countries, five cities, so expect at least one more quiz after this if the scenery is fun. See if you can guess where I was last week. I think this one will be more recognizable than the […]

Three poetic deaths for Samhain

Samhain is the Celtic harvest festival where the doors to the Otherworld are opened and the spirits and souls of the dead can return. The date for Halloween (or All Hallow’s Eve) was originally chosen to align with this Celtic festival, and they are similar in a lot of ways. Or, in the words of […]

Photos from Gembloux, Belgium

Bienvenue! Ah yes, the answer to my Where in the world quiz is Gembloux, Belgium! I visited Gembloux to learn from researchers at the agricultural university here, because they do some very cool research there and I wanted to learn their methodology. But I admit that a lot of people looked at me like I […]

Links to share

More nature photography awards: Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award I have a friend who is a parasitologist and she always posts the most interesting stuff! The intestinal parasites of King Richard III Great post by Manu Saunders explaining the recent paper showing declines in insect biomass in Puerto Rico: Insect declines: […]

Where in the world is SOIMF*?

You’ll never guess where I’ve been this time! No, really I think that this quiz is pretty much impossible, unless you happen to have visited this city yourself. It’s a small town, not a tourist location, not well known, and without any diagnostic features that make it easy to recognize. I think continent will be […]