I adore goldcrests…at 9 cm they are Ireland’s smallest breeding bird species. This is a bird so small that I have mistaken it for an insect when spotting it out of the corner of my eye. Yesterday I thought, is that a moth? It’s a bit cold for a moth. Oh wait, it’s a goldcrest! […]

Some “winter” birds of Tymon Park

Tymon is a nice little park in south Dublin with several ponds where waterbirds like to aggregate. Since Ireland has a lot of interesting winter visitors bird-wise, I’ve been visiting periodically to see if anything exciting shows up. But the real question is would I even know? Someone help me with my water birds; I’m […]

Links to share

This is a really interesting article, but I resent the implication that ecologists don’t pay any attention to evolution. Of course we do! Like what is this crap in a Nature article: “Ecologists have generally ignored evolution when studying their systems; they thought it was impossible to test whether such a slow process could change […]

East Coast Nature Reserve, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow

Moody robin Lookin for adventure/food? A little birdwatching site in Wicklow county (which I have to specify because there are at least three Newcastles right around Dublin alone). As in the name, it is on the east coast. I cycled down from Dublin a couple of weeks ago with the plan to take the train […]

A tale of a weird flatmate

I’ve shared housing with others, usually strangers, the entirety of my adult life, as I’ve yet to make enough money to afford my own accommodations (especially in Dublin, geez). Because I grew up a military brat, and then became an academic, I’ve moved pretty much every year or every other year my entire life. This […]