Plant of the week: Toothwort

Y’all know I love my weird plants…here’s another hemi-parasitic species in the same family as broomrape and squaw root(Orobanchaceae). I love showing people these parasitic plants because 1) they’re always so shocked that such a thing exists and 2) they’ve usually never noticed them before, even though they are actually common! I found this population […]

A nesting aggregation of ashy mining bees

I found this beautiful nesting aggregation of ashy mining bees (Andrena cineraria) and I was thrilled! My first bee nesting aggregation in Ireland, after I’ve been here for over a year. Plus, these are gorgeous bees, with a silvery fringe, and these freshly emerged individuals were just shining and perfectly new. I can’t get over […]

Weird biases in academia

I had a really strange interaction in the glasshouses yesterday. To understand, you have to know a little bit about these glasshouses. First, they are ancient, broken down things hidden in an old alley between buildings. Last year, when I first found them, they were full of rubbish. With the help of the botany technical […]

Some spring bees in Dublin

The weather this spring has been incredibly wet and cool, so I haven’t seen too many bees, but I did catch these photos in between bouts of rain. I love the hellebores, but it is so tough to photograph bees visiting these flowers…first, you have to photograph them basically upside down, and then the light […]