Well, I have a page just for Foxes, and I’m equally obsessed with bees.  So here is a collation of drawings and posts about bees (at least the substantive ones).


Bee Photos:

Photos from the field

Little Green Bee

Some Bee to Love

Kawaii Bee

Tumble Bee

Ground nesting bees: Agapostemon

Osmia bees mating

Shiny things!

I love Gaillardia

The Giant Resin Bee: Megachile sculpturalis

Confusing little green bees: Augochlorini

Triepeolus donatus

Little Green Bees

Halictus ligatus is a very cute bee

Robbery in Progress

Queen bee

Pure beauty is a Euglossine bee

Oh honey, bee happy



Float like a bee…

Trapeze artist bee

Learning from the master

Hylaeus and Lithurgus chrysurus

Hylaeus and Lithurgus chrysurus

Bee facts:

Sweet dreams: sleeping clusters of bees

Paying with plastic

Legs for miles…

The world’s largest and smallest bee

What is this, a hotel for bees?

Robbery in progress

What is a mutualism?

Bee phylogenies and a bee that goes with pants

The humble bee

A less humble bee

The Sophisticated Defenses of Stingless bees

The Early Bee catches the…

Bazinga bees are less than humble

Abuzz with electricity

Bee declines in 2012

Honeybee hexagons and the myriad nest structures of bees

Pollinators have cooties


Things that like bees (other than me):

The Cutest Cuckoo Bee


Who is afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Assassins among us

These flowers have crabs!

Two kinds of bee mimics

This Syrphid Fly

Another bee mimic

MiningBee ResinBee

Don't you worry there, my honey, we may not have any money, but we've got our love to pay the bills...

Don’t you worry there, my honey, we may not have any money, but we’ve got our love to pay the bills…

A local solitary bee.

A local solitary bee.

Native Sugarbag bee (Trigona carbonaria)

Native Sugarbag bee (Trigona carbonaria)



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