Photos for World Bee Day!

Every day is world bee day on StandingOutInMyField, but today it’s world bee day for everyone! Here are some of my favourite photos of bees I’ve taken around the world. Huzzah! Bees are the greatest! Cleptoparasitic bees Dublin, Ireland Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New York Shiny Green Sweat Bees Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New […]

Waterfalls at Watkins Glen

Honestly, this place is just lousy with waterfalls. You’d trip over them every five feet if you weren’t paying attention. Here are some shots from Watkins Glen, which is a locally famous scenic destination. I got there quite late in the evening, so I couldn’t hike all the trails, but I thought these photos were […]

Chickens are actually dinosaurs

Well, all birds are dinosaurs.  But some birds really do a good job of playing the part, like my cassowary and now, my chickens. Chickens are fascinating.  I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking, “Chickens aren’t fascinating!  They are dumb!” but that’s where you’re wrong! Chickens are the domesticated version of junglefowl, which are native to […]

Summer Palace

Still going through archival posts to make more room for new material… More images from my trip to China! In this case, we had a very nice tour of the Summer Palace, which was home to the infamous Empress, Ci Xi. My feelings about her are effectively summarised by this paragraph on her Wikipedia page: […]

Vote! (for your favourite photo)

There is a department wide arthropod photography competition and I can only submit ONE photograph. I restricted myself to photos I’ve taken this year, but I still need your help to pick one!  I’ve narrowed it down to a few options (ok 8 options)…let me know what your favourite is.  Thank you for your help!!