Native, by Keetje Kuipers

It’s true…nothing is untouched anymore…how do we define native? Wild?   Native In the spring the men come out again to clear the land, yellow Cat dozers popping up on hillsides like morels to be collected after the first warm days of May. In fields studded with the rhinestone glitter of purple knapweed, trucks nose […]

Hurricane, by Mary Oliver, a poem for Ophelia

Currently sitting and watching the tree outside my window bow down and touch its crown to the soil. Who knows what will happen? I’ll post this in the future and we’ll already know by then 😉 Hurricane It didn’t behave like anything you had ever imagined. The wind tore at the trees, the rain fell […]

Love Poem, by Paul Zimmer

Love Poem 1 Last days before first frost we stroll out hand in hand to see yellow sulfurs lift in multitudes over the fields flittering in ecstatic pairs to descend and spangle the hay 2 Months later trudging winter fields in the morning sun we see their million rapturous spirits have risen through layers of […]

Leaving and The Summer Ends, by Wendell Berry

I title this photo “Leaving” 😀 I was trying to get a photo of this syrphid fly on a flower, but of course it took off and I just caught its little feetsies. The Summer Ends The summer ends, and it is time To face another way. Our theme Reversed, we harvest the last row […]

Feather grass

I just discovered this new species I’m calling feather grass…what an interesting seed dispersal strategy it has! 😀   WILL there really be a morning? Is there such a thing as day? Could I see it from the mountains If I were as tall as they? Has it feet like water-lilies? Has it feathers like […]

Invisible Visitors, by David Budbill

I’ve been traveling so much this year, this poem really resonated with me…just passing through, just passing through, just passing through… Invisible Visitors All through August and September thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of feathered creatures pass through this place and I almost never see a single one. The fall wood warbler migration goes by […]