The network game

The department I currently work in has a competition for who can do the best job of baking their research into a delicious and informative dessert for coffee hour. After seeing some of the amazing desserts prepared by others, I knew I wouldn’t be able to compete on the baking front…I needed a gimmick! Because […]

Guide to Writing Productivity

My mother is a novelist and she asked me to write her a guide to writing productivity for Christmas. She and I have very different writing styles…I’m a scientist and a large portion of my job is writing (be it grants, proposals, or papers). Her main problem is discipline. Writing for her isn’t a job […]

Weird things I ate in Europe/Foraging for wild foods on another continent

I used to be a pretty big forager (back when I couldn’t afford food) and even though I don’t rely on it as I once did, I still have a few favourite forage foods, like asparagus, cowslips, and chestnuts. When I was traveling around Europe, I came across a surprising number of edible forage foods. […]

Shaggy Ink Caps

This is a very common lawn mushroom.  Supposedly, it’s edible, but I’m not tempted to eat something that dissolves into an inky black goop after a couple of hours, are you?  Remember kids, never eat a mushroom in the wild unless you are 100% positive on its identity and you are an experienced mushroom hunter.

Red currant, Gooseberry, and Nectarine Crumble

I’m a part of a delicious berry CSA this year and we recently acquired 7 quarts (7 QUARTS!) of red currants.  In an attempt to do something with them (and with my abundant gooseberries), I modified a traditional crumble recipe.  This results in a tart, tangy, tasty red mess, accented perfectly by the sweet oaty […]

My broken, slightly misshapen heart

I made some cookies for my lab, for Valentine’s Day.  They’re not perfect, but then again, neither am I! I use the recipe from this website. Of course, I divided the batch in two, one for my new lab, and one for my old lab.  The one I shipped to my old lab got a […]

Everything you never knew about marshmallows

This is a marshmallow: It is a species from Africa, the original inspiration for today’s sticky sweet treat.  It is of the plant family Malvaceae, which includes the other mallow species, many of which are familiar ornamentals. This species is special though, because it produces a mucilaginous gel, especially from the roots, which can be […]