Cycles of Gratitude

Bicycle theft is a serious problem in Dublin. Serious. As in I visited a woman who lived on the second floor (third floor for you Americans) and she used to store her bicycle on the balcony…until it was stolen one night. That means a bicycle thief climbed two stories and picked up a bike and […]

Disappointing warthogs

Every once in a blue moon, a friend will ask me for a drawing and I get incredibly flattered and simultaneously very stressed. Most of the time, I just draw birds, so drawing other things can be a challenge. (Not only that, but I’m not especially good even at the things I draw all the […]

Elephant farts

Here’s a thing I didn’t know about elephants (but I guess I should have known): elephants fart! And man is it funny when they do. (this is an Asian elephant, but it sounds just like this…though they replay it a bunch of times (couldn’t find a better video and didn’t want to spend tooooo much […]