Weird biases in academia

I had a really strange interaction in the glasshouses yesterday. To understand, you have to know a little bit about these glasshouses. First, they are ancient, broken down things hidden in an old alley between buildings. Last year, when I first found them, they were full of rubbish. With the help of the botany technical […]

Kitchen safety PSA

Quick poll, how do you put knives in the drying rack in the kitchen? I was always taught that you should put them blade down so that no one accidentally grabs a sharp blade while putting away silverware. This is how my landlord regularly stores knives in the drying rack: Am I wrong or is […]

A tale of a weird flatmate

I’ve shared housing with others, usually strangers, the entirety of my adult life, as I’ve yet to make enough money to afford my own accommodations (especially in Dublin, geez). Because I grew up a military brat, and then became an academic, I’ve moved pretty much every year or every other year my entire life. This […]

A jedi battle!

My father gave some of my younger cousins lightsabers for Christmas! An hours long saber battle ensued, giving me a wealth of long exposure photo opportunities, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Of the humans, kids are the most fun to photograph because they completely lack the self-consciousness of adults. My cousins would pause their play every […]

Links to share

Okay, I don’t care who you are, dinosaurs are just cool. This new finding of pterosaur eggs in China contributes to a long debate about the origin of flight. PS. The wingspan of 13 ft is comparable to modern dinosaurs (aka birds) like the wandering albatross and the California condor. Hundreds Of Eggs From Ancient […]