Links for the interwebs

Here are some links to the interwebs (some of these use “coarse language”, so browse with that in mind):

All about venom:

VIPER: for snakes, spiders, and scorpions in the US, this FAQ is hilarious

Come to Australia: you might accidentally get killed

Life in Grad School:

What should we call grad school? Hilariously accurate

PhD Comics When I was an undergrad, I once asked a grad student what life was like.  She referred me to this comic.  Now I do the same to undergrads who ask me the same question.

Favourite nature blogs

Nature’s Place wow, photography of insects and other arthropod friends (also musings)

Myrmecos the best ant stuff, anywhere, ever

Bird Light Wind wow, bird photography

Rolling Harbour  all about nature on Abaco

Blogs on bees

Adventures in Beeland fun and learning about bees with a British beekeeper

Inspired Beeing using bees to define the meaning of life

Peaceful/thoughtful blogs

Peace with my life thoughtful and sweet

Writers’ blogs

The Elaborate Spinning Machine dark and a little bitter, just like chocolate

Academic/sciency blogs

Dynamic Ecology all the hard-hitting topics of the modern field of ecology, including theory and philosophy of the science…also the main author is a Fox, check it out!!

Gravity’s rainbow interviews with ecologists (also some stuff on shoes and music)

Cooking blogs (so great)

Vanilla Garlic trendy and stylish, but fun to read

Joy the Baker often sweet in more than one way

The Pioneer Woman practicality cooking (also some other stuff on photography; also I think she has a television show but I don’t have a television)

Some great comics:

Abominable Charles Christopher


Bird and Moon  Toronto based naturalist artist


5 thoughts on “Links for the interwebs

  1. Hello, I would love a pdf of your birds and their songs to share with my grandson and his cousins who live in Concord, Mass. I’m in California and just returned from a visit with them–the birds are amazing! Thank you for your posts, Geri

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