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I’ve sorted out the pages under some different methods to make it easier to navigate.  (NB This page is way out of date because I have too many posts to archive easily here.  Hence, I’m leaving it up as an archive of the earlier posts for your perusal.)


Field foolishness — adventures of stupidity

Initiation: Quick Sand

Irony: the fire van

Skinny dipping and snakes: Things that do not mix well

Taking a tumble

Fer de Lance Dance: Tips for keeping your students alive

Oh right, Rabies

Travel story: the too friendly tourist

Flirting with Sharks

Ticked off

Back in the saddle

Accidentally Equestrian

Storm chasing


Catchin’ Turkeys

When a nettle is like a pickle

Triathlon Stories

A Treehugger’s Guide to Cross Country Skiing

Flashy birds

Animal Rescue — stories about trying to help

The night life: part 2

Pepe le pew: nightly visitors part 3

Ducklings in Distress

Are you owl-right?

Are these cute or are they pests?

Unexpected encounters — strange things that happen in the field

Don’t lose your head…

Trunk junk: misunderstanding innovation

Net got your tongue?

L’amour: Romeos

Animal innovation: the clever cormorant

Unexpected friends in unexpected places

(Re)Define Sloth

Tom the Toad

To Leech his own

All’s Fair

The sophisticated defenses of stingless bees

On wearing furs

Subtropical dog sledding

Snoring hummingbirds

To leech his own

Morel-ly ambiguous

Wild forage: who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Birding cup 2012 and non-avian friends

An absurd little bird


In a Pinch

Who knew that dogs could faceplant?

Second hand stories — stories from friends and colleagues

A second hand story: a lot of bull

Body of Research

A Fairy Tale

In the shadow of the Cassowary

How I got my Aboriginal name

Interesting interactions

Cool Biology — neat facts and weird and beautiful animals

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Insect Universe

Zombies in Nature

More Natural Zombies

The Humble Bee

Murmuration for Inspiration

A less humble bee: the Orchid Bees

The hidden beauty of pollination

These flowers have crabs!

The vegetarian spider

Pure Beauty is a Euglossine Bee

Zombies on high

These trees have crabs!

Ant Nest Architecture: featuring molten aluminium

A lot of heart

Fibonacci Rules

The early bee catches the…

The lesser of two weevils

Jaguares y tortugas

Oh ephemeral spring

Floral resources: appealing to your pollinators

All’s Fair

The secret life of plankton

Gomboc (and why turtles are smarter than humans)

Birds of a feather

When wasps are like German Shepherds

Meadowood Native Plant Nursery

E.O Wilson on Eusociality

On the fence: Fire ants

Breaking news on the zombie front

Crazy about dogbane

Float like a bee

Oh honey, bee happy

Two kinds of bee mimic


More feathered friends

Sexual dimorphism and crypsis

On the wing

On the benefits of vivipary

Toadflax biocontrol


Frog Day

Wondering about Wasps

Berry Confusing

Mice can sing!

The Chinese Mantis

Two birds I want to see in the wild

Maraschino Millipede

This syrphid fly

On the Wing

Toadflax biocontrol

Another bee mimic

What are you talking about?

Some random ramblings — how does this happen?

Buying Thyme

Boot Shots

Barefoot Running

The Taxonomist’s Fallacy

Rising Waters

Common Sense

Networks in Ecology

Sweet, sweet coevolution

Pura Vida


Common misconceptions about Penguins

Subtropical Dog Sledding

Another taxonomist’s fallacy: naming inanimate objects

One more taxonomist’s fallacy: overnaming

Colouring pages for children

The battle of awkward

Foxy Friday

Mother’s Day Drawings

Funny Onions

Water your obsessions

The “How to tell when you’re a crazy cyclist” quiz

Wild forage: Who said there’s no such thing as free lunch?

Channeling Cyrano

Senescence, the end of summer

What’s in a name?  Funny Taxonomy

Apples to Oranges: Urban Meadows

How to clean your antennae

Yankee Doodle Flipper and the Obesity Epidemic


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