Update on the Cheerios seed mix

I discussed the Cheerios seed mix ad nauseum, but despite all the complexities of the issue, you can’t tell me there’s anything wrong with this picture of my niece petting a bumblebee on one of the flowers she grew herself from seed (picture by her mama, my sister). In short, my niece learning that flowers […]

Lily Dog, past flings

I met Lily on my first day at one of my sites and haven’t seen her since, but she’ll always have a place in my heart for the good times we shared…I’ll always miss you, Lily. You could call what we had a…fling.* Such a sweet face Throwthestickthrowthestickthrowthestick (this was pretty much the sum total […]

Adorable spider mama

I found this adorable jumping spider mama (Phiddipus audax, the bold jumping spider), and she was just too cute not to photograph. One of the undergrads working with us for the summer did not agree, but he’s entitled to his wrong opinion. The spiders love to use our flagging as a nest space, which is […]