East Coast Nature Reserve, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow

Moody robin Lookin for adventure/food? A little birdwatching site in Wicklow county (which I have to specify because there are at least three Newcastles right around Dublin alone). As in the name, it is on the east coast. I cycled down from Dublin a couple of weeks ago with the plan to take the train […]

Madera Canyon, Arizona

Once I got to looking at my carpenter bee photos yesterday, I realized there were a whole bunch of things I neglected to post about my Arizona trip a couple of years ago. That’s probably true of most of the things I intend to post but then forget to actually write up. Oh well! It’s […]

That time I ran to Germany…

I actually did run to Germany, from Luxembourg. That sounds pretty impressive until you learn that Vianden, Luxembourg, is only two miles from the German border. So one foggy morning, I trotted along some cobblestone streets and up a long hill and just like that I crossed over into Germany. The border was marked by […]

Where in the world is StandingOutInMyField? (Part 3!)

Okay, this is my last where in the world quiz for a little while…see if you can guess where I am now! In the last quiz I was in Barcelona, Spain. You get one (imaginary internet) point for guessing the continent, 5 for guessing the country, and 10 for guessing the city! I’m curious to […]

Lake Roosevelt (A ghost town)

This is a story from my camping trip in AZ a couple of months ago (lots of good stories and adventures from that trip!). We had driven all the way down from Flagstaff (having camped near there the night before), and being very misled by a local friend who estimated the driving time between Lake […]


I’ve finally returned from many weeks of traveling! I’ll be moving again in a couple of weeks (AH!)! I have many many stories building up to share, but time is short, so I’ll share a short story today. A friend and I were traveling around Arizona, camping, hiking, and exploring, and we came across Walnut […]

Take a hike! (With me?): Mount Maroon edition

I love take a hike posts, don’t you?  This is a hike I did quite a while ago, but I suddenly got nostalgic for Oz, so I’m posting it today.  If you like this post, you might also like: The Great Wall of China, Boyd Big Tree, Shingletown Gap, the Allegheny Front Trail, Hawk Mountain, […]