Some more Tsavo-an birds

I’ve been posting specific subsets of the birds I saw on my trip to Kenya (because I didn’t want to overwhelm you), but here’s a random collection! (Please feel free to correct any of my identifications if I make a mistake! I’m all about the learning) Namaqua Dove White-browed sparrow weaver Spur-winged lapwing Superb Starling […]

Some Kingfishers, Hornbills, and Drongos of Kenya

You guys, I LOVE kingfishers…a gorgeous group of birds. I did see a lot of beautiful kingfishers in Kenya, but I didn’t get very many good photos. Here are a few I did get. These grey-headed kingfishers were most common Beautiful So wish this had been in focus, story of my life Von der Decken’s […]

Birdy Cordon-bleu

(YOU GUYS I KEPT ACCIDENTALLY POSTING THINGS EARLY I’M SORRY) Can you believe there are actually birds called “cordon-bleu”? This bleu* my mind in Africa. Where I come from, cordon-bleu refers to a complicated chicken dish where breast meat is wrapped around cheese and ham and then fried, and then baked. The African cordon-bleus are […]

Some Kenyan birds with ridiculous tails

Gotta love em! The males of these species had incredibly long tails, and they looked so awkward in flight, but they were so beautiful! Paradise Whydah These guys were so common, but it was hard to get a photo of them because I was working in the field most of the time and couldn’t spend […]

More bee-eaters!

Bee-eaters are some of my favourite birds…they just seem so elegant and athletic in their flight. I’ve already posted about the Carmine Bee-Eaters, and they are lovely, but Kenya also had a complement of other beautiful bee-eaters, some of which I was lucky enough to photograph. Madagascar Bee-Eaters Blue-breasted Bee-eater Little Bee-eater