Some other cool Costa Rican insects

Everything else gets lumped together haha…as always, corrections/additions to my identifications are welcome! This guy was able to hover with amazing stability. Zzzzz syrphid sleeping in a flower early in the morning. A super cool beetle I found in Campanario’s lowland rainforest Radical leafhopper* Big ant…bulllettt…ant…?? I did not approach it to find out Awesome […]

The Farmer Ants

Ants have been farming for a lot longer than we have! Some of them farm aphids, like cattle, and drink the sweet honeydew they secrete in excess. These are fast little dudes In the tropics, leaf cutter ants are the dominant invertebrate farmers. They collect pieces of leaves (indeed, large colonies can completely defoliate a […]

The Costa Rican Army

Costa Rica is a peaceful country (also a tiny country, less than half the size of Pennsylvania), and it hasn’t had an army since 1949. It abolished the army because of a bloody civil war, and now tourism (especially ecotourism) makes more revenue than the country’s top three exports combined (bananas, pineapple, coffee) (source: Wikipedia). […]

Ant alate

Another photo from this spring…I just thought this winged ant was pretty! It reminds me of a story too…back when I was training undergraduates to identify members of the insect order Hymenoptera to the family level (remember orders are divided into families).  Some of the undergraduates were fantastic and some of them were… not so […]

Ants, by Daniel Hoffman

There are a lot of researchers here studying ants…they call ants of the genus Pogonomyrmex “Pogos”.  I spent some time working with ants too!  They are fascinating creatures. Ants Theirs is a perfection of pure form. Nobody but has his proper place and knows it. Everything they do is functional. Each foray in a zigzag […]

The story of Corrie Moreau

I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with one of my academic crushes last week…E.O. Wilson!  I’ve met him once before and although he did not remember me (nor did I expect him to), both experiences were very pleasant.  E.O. Wilson is a story teller, as I also consider myself to be, and I […]