Madera Canyon, Arizona

Once I got to looking at my carpenter bee photos yesterday, I realized there were a whole bunch of things I neglected to post about my Arizona trip a couple of years ago. That’s probably true of most of the things I intend to post but then forget to actually write up. Oh well! It’s […]

Carpenter Bee Nest (Arizona)

A recent post on the blog Adventuresinbeeland reminded me of a carpenter bee nest that we dissected in Arizona…two years ago! I could have sworn I already posted about this, but I couldn’t find a record in my blog posts, so here it is now. This carpenter bee (Now it’s been two years, I’ve forgotten […]

Roosevelt Dam and Bridge

This is the third part of my three part post on Lake Roosevelt in Arizona, which is apparently pretty unpopular in the middle of August when the temperatures are well over 100 F (38 C). The dam was constructed in the early 1900s as part of the Newlands Reclamation Act, designed both for hydroelectric power […]

Lake Roosevelt in the day

I just told the story of my adventure camping at Lake Roosevelt, which despite containing over 200 pristine campsites, was a total ghost town when we arrived.  The next day, in the bright harsh light of the desert sun, it didn’t seem quite as eerie, although there was still something haunting about the abandoned pavilions.  […]

Lake Roosevelt (A ghost town)

This is a story from my camping trip in AZ a couple of months ago (lots of good stories and adventures from that trip!). We had driven all the way down from Flagstaff (having camped near there the night before), and being very misled by a local friend who estimated the driving time between Lake […]

Other Arizona Birds

I mean, aside from the copious hummingbirds (1,2,3,4) and the birds of the Sonoran Desert Museum. Savannah Sparrow Yellow eyed Junco I figured out what these were by asking an ornithologist if he could identify “those junco-type birds with yellow eyes” for me. And he said, “Oh. Those are yellow-eyed juncos.”  Right. Moody American Robin […]