Some Victorian birds

Yesterday, after I posted the photos from my aunt’s bird calendar, I realized that I had completely forgotten about all my Australian bird photos, none of which were included in her calendar!  Then I was looking through my old posts, and I couldn’t even find a group of bird photos I took in Victoria.  Sorry […]

Was it like this?!

Back when I was studying in Australia, I was part of a group of 15 students traveling around to different ecosystems and learning about the natural and cultural ecology.  Being me, I was completely fascinated by the natural world around me, but my enthusiasm was apparently too much for the other students on the program […]

A nation united: the Australian Drop Bear

Aussies have a national ploy…a prank they like to play on outsiders from all nations.  Never have I seen a country so united in any desire as Australians are to fool tourists into believing their stories about the dangerous “drop bear”.  (Even the Australian National Museum is in on it.) On my first visit to […]

The Great Emu War

Australia (or ‘Straya as me pals call it) has fought many brutal wars against the ravages of invasive species.  I’ve posted before about the Cane Toad and Salvation Jane/Paterson’s Curse.  There are many more tragic stories about introduced species causing damage in this ancient and beautiful land. But it was only today that I read […]