That’s not a bird!

This is an inside joke, if you’re confused you have to go back and read all of the >1500 posts on this site. Or just the ones from this week. ANYWAY, I had a weird experience last week…a professor from our department saw me at coffee, pointed at me, and shouted, “SQUIRREL!” Baffled, I said, […]

Blue Tits and Autumn Leaves

I thought only Americans giggle at the name of this group of birds in the genus Parus…but the Irish will giggle about it too, even though these birds live here and include three of the 20 most common garden birds in Ireland. Sigh. If you’re American (or Canadian) and these birds look familiar to you, […]

European Goldfinches

Just singing their hearts out and hanging out like teenagers in a band called The Leafless Branches Totally. Sweet. Check out my tail feathers Album cover Album cover in the US Rockin yeah! I was actually meant to be taking photos of the trees, but somehow all my tree photos ended up with birds in […]

A colorful Mt. Nittany hike

From the autumn!  Also, might I add that my friend who got hit by a drunk driver three years ago completed this hike and I am very proud of him.  He took some of these photos but I don’t remember which ones, so I’ll throw them all in together.  We have a very different photographic […]

Autumn Black Locust

  Black locusts are weedy trees, but they’re also very beautiful.  I like their flowers in the summer and their golden leaves in the autumn. All the trees here are bare now, except the few oaks who cling to their brown leaves for most of the winter. Here’s a bit of colour to enjoy on […]

Autumn Song, by Daniel Mark Epstein

There have been a number of great poems written about this month. Autumn Song Little flower, you live in constant danger: Likely to be crushed under foot or torn by wind, Sun-scorched or gobbled by a goat. These October days streaked with regrets and tears Are like you, brindled flower, as they bloom And fade, […]