Embarrassing Snowy Owl Stories

This is a sad, but true story.  Even though it is embarrassing, I feel it is my duty to report it, because it shows that, even though I have been obsessed with nature my whole life, I don’t know a gosh-darned thing about it.  Some days I don’t stand out in my field too well. […]

Hostel Stories: The Love Shack and the Irishman

I have spent a good chunk of time staying in backpackers or hostels while traveling, and these stays can lead to a number of good stories. One of the most suspect hostels I ever stayed in was fondly nicknamed “The Love Shack”.  The Love Shack had a party shower* and was full of risque and […]

Kids say the darnedest things

I was visiting my family a few weeks ago and staying with my aunt and uncle and their adorable almost-two-year-old, little River. River is at the stage where she is learning to talk and she handily repeats everything that is said to her (my subtle influence, “I love trees!” and she obediently responds “I love […]

Awkward swimming stories

I have (more than) my fair share of awkward swimming stories.  I’ve been an avid swimmer for years, to the point where, when my lawyer sister tried to buy me a nice professional suit as a gift, we discovered that my shoulders were three sizes wider than my hips. Your body on swimming:  V When […]

The general puts his pants on one leg at a time…

A few years back, I was preparing to visit my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday.  They were hosting a large party of about 30 people and, as usual, they paid to fly me home so that I could do the cleaning and cooking.  I confided in my college roommate that I was more than typically […]