Baby elephants at the watering hole

It’s pretty hard to compete with baby elephants on the cuteness scale (okay, there’s honestly a lot of cute out there, but baby elephants have their fair share). A big family group coming into the watering hole Baby hiding in back Baby!! Baby butt Baby swimming (the adults won’t let her in much deeper than […]

An even littler, more adorable chameleon

I found this baby chameleon in Nairobi (again at the Wildebeest Camp) when I was out at night looking for frogs! So CUTE! Soooo sleepy…(sorry these photos aren’t better, guess I was sleepy too) Sleepy chameleon My friend Paola for scale…teeny chameleon! Love the little stubby nose There’s an unusual perspective for you

Nature red in tooth and…awwwww…

We found this little baby squirrel in one of my research plots, far from any tree.  At this time of the year, my plants are just barely germinating, so the plot is essentially a 2 x 2m square of bare ground.  I have no idea how the baby squirrel got there, but it was clearly […]