Where in the world is SOIMF?

I’ve moved to a new place and a new job!  See if you can guess where I am based on this photographic journey of my first week.  Ten imaginary internet points for the country and 100 imaginary internet points for the city! Obligatory cute animal There’s a clue if you know your bees! Rainbow Sorry […]

Some Kenyan sunbirds

I took a million bird photos in Kenya, so I’m subdividing them into manageable groups for posting.  The sunbirds are one of my favourite old world groups…they’re functionally like hummingbirds in that they drink nectar, but they can only hover for a short time.  Still, they come in lots of beautiful colors and are fun-sized! […]

Some gorgeous Kenyan cards

My grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago, and last year my family made the difficult decision to move him to a care facility.  He had been wandering out of the house in the middle of the night on freezing winter nights, and we were worried about his safety.  In some ways, […]

The lovely Carmine Bee-eater

I’ve loved bee-eaters since I saw my first Australian Rainbow Bee-eater (gorgeous, also beautiful). I love them in spite of the name that implies that they eat a lot of bees (which I also love), because this is nature and bees are eaten by lots of different types of attractive birds. There are a lot […]

Some handsome waterbucks

I really liked the waterbucks, especially because they have a white circle on their butts. I don’t know why that entertained me so much, but it really did.* The waterbucks are a common, large antelope that roam around sub-Saharan Africa. We usually saw them at a nearby watering hole that was attractive to a large […]

A den of bat-eared foxes

I’m going to invest a lot of time in sharing some of the amazing mammals I saw on my trip…but I haven’t lost my love of insects! (Or birds, they’re coming!) These are not the most amazing photos, but such a cool animal! Fox den Quite a good glower Slinky fox

The Cheetah

I’m back! Here’s a treat for you, potentially the most exciting thing I saw on my trip (see if you can guess where)… Possibly my favorite photo because of his expression, even though his eyes are closed. So the story of this cheetah is that I was working with a PhD student whose project was […]