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Still watching this Dicamba disaster unfold: A Wayward Weedkiller Divides Farm Communities, Harms Wildlife Ugh: With OK From EPA, Use Of Controversial Weedkiller Is Expected To Double How do carnivorous plants get pollinated without eating their pollinators? An interesting question explored in this article: How insect-eating plants persuade insects to pollinate them How can you […]

Photos from various bike rides around Dublin

I try to go for long rides every weekend. Most of the time, I explore Wicklow National Park, which is just south of Dublin. I bring my camera along and occasionally I’ll stop and take a photo or two. Note that these shots are heavily biased toward the (rare) nice weather when it’s not so […]

Some bees and flowers of Oregon and Washington

It’s all in the title! Here are the best of the bee and flower photos I took on my brief visit to the west coast (best coast?). 😉 This fireweed is all over Ireland, where it’s considered invasive, but I think it’s native to the west coast? Delightful little Halictid on an aster (identifications are […]

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There are a lot of links in this post, sorry! They’ve been building up for a little while: I have experienced this first hand…dogs are our companion animals and there is even evidence that dogs shaped human evolution just as much as we shaped theirs: Why losing a dog can be harder than losing a […]

Take a hike! (With me?) Timothy Lake Meditation Point

There’s a nice short hike you can do from the north arm campground of Timothy Lake to Meditation Point. I recommend it! I took a lot of photos of the trail while my buddy patiently waited for me. This is just a beautiful forest Ahh just looking at this photo makes me feel peaceful Forest […]