Photos for World Bee Day!

Every day is world bee day on StandingOutInMyField, but today it’s world bee day for everyone! Here are some of my favourite photos of bees I’ve taken around the world. Huzzah! Bees are the greatest! Cleptoparasitic bees Dublin, Ireland Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New York Shiny Green Sweat Bees Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New […]

Gorgeous ruby-tailed wasp

I was lucky enough to spot this beautiful specimen in the field yesterday, and even though I was in a hurry (as usual), I just HAD to stop and try to get a decent photo. (See Zoomology for a prize winning photo of this gorgeous species. Obviously, mine are not that good, but still…shiny!) This […]

An urban, orange-tailed mining bee aggregation

I found and photographed another mining bee aggregation! This one was in Dublin, in the heart of the city centre, believe it or not. It was in a little “biodiversity planting” of mostly weeds, but the bees loved it. As per usual, people were walking by on both sides of me while I crawled around […]

Don’t forget your Syrphid friends

Historically, I have preferred bees over flies, but my time in Ireland has given me a new appreciation for Syrphids. I have reason (and data) to believe that Syrphids are incredibly important pollinators here, where bee numbers are low. Moreover, collated data from across the Irish landscape show that Syrphid flies are central, important pollinators […]