An urban, orange-tailed mining bee aggregation

I found and photographed another mining bee aggregation! This one was in Dublin, in the heart of the city centre, believe it or not. It was in a little “biodiversity planting” of mostly weeds, but the bees loved it. As per usual, people were walking by on both sides of me while I crawled around […]

3D Bee Simulator

The Smithsonian put up a 3D bee simulator, which you can play with here: This bee is Eulaeuma.  Unfortunately (from a taxonomist’s perspective), most of the diagnostic characters are not visible.  Now if only they had a 3D model that showed all the pores and rugosity on the thorax, and the hairs on the […]

Poetry and science, or Scientists and poets

I have mentioned my academic crushes before…the great E.O. Wilson of eusociality, Tracy Langkilde of the dancing lizards, Walter Tschinkel of the ant nest architecture, Hugh Possingham of the adaptive management…to be honest, I have a great many academic crushes. Today, I thought I would talk about Sam Droege.  I admire Sam for his skill […]

Another Bee Mimic: Bombyliid Flies

In a previous post, I mentioned that there are two major kinds of bee mimics, those Anthophilous (flower loving) that we think mimic bees as a means of self-defense, and those predators that we think mimic bees as a way of sneaking up on them. When I hiked Pike’s Peak last week, I encountered Bombyliid […]