Links to share

Field work (plus lab/office/greenhouse work) is kicking my butt right now, so here are some links to other websites haha Hippos are not my favourite animal…I worked in a zoo and hippos were by far the most disgusting animal to clean up after (although cotton-top tamarins smell horrible for some reason). You see hippos like […]

The cuckoo bee emerges…

…from her host’s nest. This nomad bee lays her eggs in the nests of mining bees, where they hatch out before the host bee’s egg. The nomad bee larva consumes the pollen collected by the mining bee, and then usually also the mining bee egg… so watching her emerge from a mining bee nest was […]

Buffish mining bee aggregation

I found another mining bee aggregation! I’ve lost track of how many bee aggregations I’ve found this spring, which is a good place to be in, in my humble opinion. This is the largest aggregation I’ve seen in Ireland. It’s on a university campus in south Dublin, and again people walk past on both sides […]

Photos for World Bee Day!

Every day is world bee day on StandingOutInMyField, but today it’s world bee day for everyone! Here are some of my favourite photos of bees I’ve taken around the world. Huzzah! Bees are the greatest! Cleptoparasitic bees Dublin, Ireland Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New York Shiny Green Sweat Bees Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New […]