Update on the Cheerios seed mix

I discussed the Cheerios seed mix ad nauseum, but despite all the complexities of the issue, you can’t tell me there’s anything wrong with this picture of my niece petting a bumblebee on one of the flowers she grew herself from seed (picture by her mama, my sister). In short, my niece learning that flowers […]

More bumblebee photos

Slightly better ones… Bombus lucorum aggregate (remember these can’t be distinguished, includes terrestris, lucorum, cryptarum, and magnus) “I fell over” Purple Phacelia pollen in the pollen baskets Common Carder (Bombus pascuorum) Also enjoying the Phacelia, you may notice a theme… I plant six species of native, perennial Irish wildflowers And the bees prefer this non-native […]

Cheat guide to the Irish Bumblebees

I needed to master the bumblebee diversity of Ireland quickly after I arrived so that I could identify species in the field, so I made myself this little (simple) cheat guide. There are some great photographic guides on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan website, so this is definitely no substitute for those, but instead meant to […]

The largest bee in the world

Guys, I got to see Megachile pluto (the largest bee in the world!) in person! Okay, well, I got to see the specimen collected by Alfred Russell Wallace in the 1800s, not a live specimen, but it was still super cool. These aren’t on display, you have to be an entomologist who is bold enough […]

Links to share

Holy crap this Hercules beetle pupa is awesome: https://imgur.com/H6dR7XG If you’re an anti-vaxxer, read this! (you can read also if you believe in vaccines, for reaffirmation): http://imgur.com/gallery/IwDF7 I keep telling people not to eat mouldy bread, but they don’t believe me.  NPR is on my side, though: http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/04/21/523647669/is-it-safe-to-eat-moldy-bread Oh NPR…PLEASE DON’T CALL CATERPILLARS “WORMS”: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/04/25/525447206/a-worm-may-hold-the-key-to-biodegrading-plastic […]

UPDATED: Can we talk about this Cheerios thing?

A very interesting thing has happened this week*! Cheerios, a cereal maker if you weren’t familiar, has started a new “conservation” initiative to “save the bees”! My liberal usage of quotation marks demonstrates how mixed my feelings are on this effort. I find it fascinating. Of course, it has generated a huge controversy in my […]