A nesting aggregation of ashy mining bees

I found this beautiful nesting aggregation of ashy mining bees (Andrena cineraria) and I was thrilled! My first bee nesting aggregation in Ireland, after I’ve been here for over a year. Plus, these are gorgeous bees, with a silvery fringe, and these freshly emerged individuals were just shining and perfectly new. I can’t get over […]

Some spring bees in Dublin

The weather this spring has been incredibly wet and cool, so I haven’t seen too many bees, but I did catch these photos in between bouts of rain. I love the hellebores, but it is so tough to photograph bees visiting these flowers…first, you have to photograph them basically upside down, and then the light […]

Links to share

An article about a book written by my latest science crush, dipterist/fly scientist Erica McAlister…yeah, let’s do flies!: Trillions of Flies Can’t All Be Bad I really enjoyed these old papier mache bees in a hive: The truly fascinating world of intertidal spiders! These terrestrial organisms have all sorts of strategies for holding air close […]

Oops, I misidentified a bee photo

Sorry guys, I let you down. Earlier this year, I posted a photo of a little Halictid bee on my willowherb plants. At the time, I thought it was a male Halictus rubicundus, but now I’m realizing it’s probably a Lasioglossum calceatum! Bee identification is hard, especially from photos, but now that I’ve finished identifying […]

Some bees and flowers of Oregon and Washington

It’s all in the title! Here are the best of the bee and flower photos I took on my brief visit to the west coast (best coast?). 😉 This fireweed is all over Ireland, where it’s considered invasive, but I think it’s native to the west coast? Delightful little Halictid on an aster (identifications are […]

Carpenter Bee Nest (Arizona)

A recent post on the blog Adventuresinbeeland reminded me of a carpenter bee nest that we dissected in Arizona…two years ago! I could have sworn I already posted about this, but I couldn’t find a record in my blog posts, so here it is now. This carpenter bee (Now it’s been two years, I’ve forgotten […]

Update on the Cheerios seed mix

I discussed the Cheerios seed mix ad nauseum, but despite all the complexities of the issue, you can’t tell me there’s anything wrong with this picture of my niece petting a bumblebee on one of the flowers she grew herself from seed (picture by her mama, my sister). In short, my niece learning that flowers […]