Two cool Kenyan long horned beetles

These two huge long horned beetles caught my attention in Kenya but I couldn’t identify them (no key to use). So if you know, comment below! I was trying to pose this guy with various sized sampling tubes for scale but he would not cooperate haha…gotta love that leopard print though! The long horned beetles […]

Did you bring your poop parasol?

I love insects. These guys are a particular fave…the larvae of the tortoise beetles carry around their own poop like a parasol to deter predators (wouldn’t you be deterred??). This is the thistle tortoise beetle (Cassida rubiginosa), which is a thistle specialist (go figure!) and the larvae can actually do quite a bit of damage. […]

Other pretty photos from the garden

(Not my garden, I’m too poorly paid to have a house with a garden, haha) These photos are from the arboretum, so I don’t know what they all are…feel free to point out any IDs you know in the comments below! Aquilegia canadensis (this is a native) Ranunculus acris (buttercup!) Anagalla arvensis (Scarlet pimpernel, one […]

Fly like a soldier beetle

I’ve had this photo for two years, but a friend just identified it for me, so here you go, a soldier beetle named Cantharis livida: I think the giant drop of water on its head threw me off haha Then I found this amazing photo someone got of one in flight; Dance like nobody’s […]

Some other cool Costa Rican insects

Everything else gets lumped together haha…as always, corrections/additions to my identifications are welcome! This guy was able to hover with amazing stability. Zzzzz syrphid sleeping in a flower early in the morning. A super cool beetle I found in Campanario’s lowland rainforest Radical leafhopper* Big ant…bulllettt…ant…?? I did not approach it to find out Awesome […]