Carpenter Bee Nest (Arizona)

A recent post on the blog Adventuresinbeeland reminded me of a carpenter bee nest that we dissected in Arizona…two years ago! I could have sworn I already posted about this, but I couldn’t find a record in my blog posts, so here it is now. This carpenter bee (Now it’s been two years, I’ve forgotten […]

You know you’re a field biologist when…

Yesterday, I was doing pollinator observations on my plants in the field. There was zero percent chance of rain in the forecast and it was supposed to be sunny all day (perfect pollinator weather), but this is Ireland, so of course it rained a few times. As I can’t observe pollinators when it’s raining, I […]

The Zebra

There is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce the word “zebra” and if you’re from the US, you probably say it the wrong way (sorry).  It’s zeb-rah, not zee-brah! It’s pretty fantastic to see these guys in the wild.  You can actually see them in Nairobi, driving from the airport to the […]

Links to share

Holy crap this Hercules beetle pupa is awesome: If you’re an anti-vaxxer, read this! (you can read also if you believe in vaccines, for reaffirmation): I keep telling people not to eat mouldy bread, but they don’t believe me.  NPR is on my side, though: Oh NPR…PLEASE DON’T CALL CATERPILLARS “WORMS”: […]

Elephant farts

Here’s a thing I didn’t know about elephants (but I guess I should have known): elephants fart! And man is it funny when they do. (this is an Asian elephant, but it sounds just like this…though they replay it a bunch of times (couldn’t find a better video and didn’t want to spend tooooo much […]

The miracle of life! Tarantula molting

Agnes molted! This was a very exciting time for us. A grad student in my lab and I sat, rapt with awe, for almost an hour as she slowly pulled free of her old skin (and old life!) and became a whole new spider.  It was truly like watching a birth (or a rebirth?).  Amazing. […]