Some Irish Birds

I keep delaying this post because I’m still accumulating new species, but here are some of the bird** species I’ve seen (and managed to get photographs of) since I moved to Ireland. Coot: Wood Pigeon: Treecreeper: Robin: Pigeon: Swan: Firecrest: (Cute little guys, same genus as our American kinglets) Magpie: Okay, so the magpies are […]

Some Irish bird drawings

You guys, I don’t know what happened. I went on a total drawing binge this past weekend, even though I don’t really have the time to be wasting on drawing silly little birds. Welp, that happened. Here’s the result (NB: I realized too late that I scanned these at very low resolution, oh well): Barn […]

Some more Tsavo-an birds

I’ve been posting specific subsets of the birds I saw on my trip to Kenya (because I didn’t want to overwhelm you), but here’s a random collection! (Please feel free to correct any of my identifications if I make a mistake! I’m all about the learning) Namaqua Dove White-browed sparrow weaver Spur-winged lapwing Superb Starling […]

Some Kingfishers, Hornbills, and Drongos of Kenya

You guys, I LOVE kingfishers…a gorgeous group of birds. I did see a lot of beautiful kingfishers in Kenya, but I didn’t get very many good photos. Here are a few I did get. These grey-headed kingfishers were most common Beautiful So wish this had been in focus, story of my life Von der Decken’s […]

Birdy Cordon-bleu

(YOU GUYS I KEPT ACCIDENTALLY POSTING THINGS EARLY I’M SORRY) Can you believe there are actually birds called “cordon-bleu”? This bleu* my mind in Africa. Where I come from, cordon-bleu refers to a complicated chicken dish where breast meat is wrapped around cheese and ham and then fried, and then baked. The African cordon-bleus are […]