The American Dipper

A new life bird for me! We spotted this guy up at June Lake in the Mt. St. Helens national monument. Dippers are adorable; I didn’t get any good photos of this one because it was in the middle of the lake, but the water does make for some attractive shots…even if the bird is […]

Yet another adorable Irish bird…Long-tailed tits

Every time I think I’ve found the most adorable Irish bird (be it stumpy toddy or robin), I find another, even more adorable bird. In this case, the long-tailed tit! They are gregarious, curious, and teeny tiny little fluffs. I just love them. I texted my mother when I found them, “They are so cute, […]

Some cute female Chaffinches

These chaffinches were clearly interested in this outdoor seating area at a restaurant. Of course curious birds looking for handouts make great photography models… Are you gonna give me something or what?! You can see that cute little green rump Anyone who eats outside with me has to tolerate me paying attention to everything other […]