I adore goldcrests…at 9 cm they are Ireland’s smallest breeding bird species. This is a bird so small that I have mistaken it for an insect when spotting it out of the corner of my eye. Yesterday I thought, is that a moth? It’s a bit cold for a moth. Oh wait, it’s a goldcrest! […]

Some “winter” birds of Tymon Park

Tymon is a nice little park in south Dublin with several ponds where waterbirds like to aggregate. Since Ireland has a lot of interesting winter visitors bird-wise, I’ve been visiting periodically to see if anything exciting shows up. But the real question is would I even know? Someone help me with my water birds; I’m […]

East Coast Nature Reserve, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow

Moody robin Lookin for adventure/food? A little birdwatching site in Wicklow county (which I have to specify because there are at least three Newcastles right around Dublin alone). As in the name, it is on the east coast. I cycled down from Dublin a couple of weeks ago with the plan to take the train […]

Where in the world is SOIMF* (bird clues)?

Nobody was able to guess from the pictures he posted earlier, so I’m posting some bird photos which will be a clue…let’s see if any bird nerds are reading. And here’s a ridiculously long bird photo list. Flamingoes! Pelicans Verreaux’s Eagle Owl has pink eyelids Weaver butt! The frumpiest baby pigeon Spotted thick-knee Crowned Lapwing […]