Great Crested Grebe

Here’s a bird clue from my trip last week if you haven’t guessed yet. Obviously, the great crested grebe has a pretty broad distribution, but it should help narrow it down to say this is one of the countries where the grebe has a year-round residence. Also, just a beautiful bird! I love the glossy […]

Cute Irish birds (paintings)

I painted this card for my sister’s birthday (even though she’s more into lipstick than birds). Ireland has a disproportionate number of adorable birds and I just love them. I can’t help it! I think these paintings are pretty cute too ;). It’s kind of hard to tell from the scan, but I include their […]

Bull finches

Most of my Irish friends (feathered and human) spent most of this snowmaggedon stuffing their faces haha…bull finches like this one prefer to eat buds on fruit trees. My landlord and his girlfriend prefer black pudding, white pudding, rashers, fried potatoes, beans, and toast. This is either a juvenile or a female, as the males […]

More Mistle Thrush photos

I’ve seen the mistle thrushes out in force lately, for whatever reason. I like their spotty chests…they remind me of the lovely wood thrush back in the States, though I haven’t heard them sing yet. This is where I see them most often when it’s not snowing…searching for food on the cricket field.