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I can’t say too much about this here, mostly because I have very mixed feelings about it. I was never a fan of Prairie Home Companion, but I was a huge fan of The Writer’s Almanac. I think this article is pretty fair and balanced, but I had a roller coaster of emotions reading it. […]

It blue* my mind

*pun intended Blue(?) Veronica I love the story about the colour blue in nature. I’ve gone on about how there is no known vertebrate with an actual blue pigment; the rest of the colour blue we see is actually structural pigmentation. On the recent field course I taught in Kenya, I had the following conversation […]

Some bees and flowers of Oregon and Washington

It’s all in the title! Here are the best of the bee and flower photos I took on my brief visit to the west coast (best coast?). 😉 This fireweed is all over Ireland, where it’s considered invasive, but I think it’s native to the west coast? Delightful little Halictid on an aster (identifications are […]

The Burren

A spectacularly beautiful national park in western Ireland, that I had the privilege of visiting last week. Here are a bunch of photos of this crazy landscape (and a spiral shell for Jeff Ollerton). A spiral for you, Jeff! Coastal Saxifrage Seathrift (Armeria) Bird’s Foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) with a caterpillar problem I fell in […]