Camping at Timothy Lake

After our adventures at June Lake, my friend and I decided to check out Mt. Hood, so we camped the next night at the North Arm campground of Timothy Lake. When we arrived, the campground manager looked at us sideways and said “How did you two find this place?” “I googled campgrounds near Mt. Hood […]

More photos from camping/hiking at June Lake (Mt. St. Helens National Monument)

This is almost a Take a Hike! post because there is hiking involved in getting to June Lake. But it’s pretty minor hiking so… The start of the trail up I ❤ trail photos…I hope there's at least one other person out there in the world who enjoys trail photos as much as I do […]

June Lake, Mt. St. Helens National Monument

My friend and I spent two nights camping at this site. You have to carry your gear in about a mile, but it’s pretty easy to access and was popular with other campers both nights. The water is COLD, even for me (I love swimming almost more than anything and have swum in Lake Michigan […]

Madera Canyon, Arizona

Once I got to looking at my carpenter bee photos yesterday, I realized there were a whole bunch of things I neglected to post about my Arizona trip a couple of years ago. That’s probably true of most of the things I intend to post but then forget to actually write up. Oh well! It’s […]

Quiet camping and waxwings

I was too tired to come up with a cleverer title, but I’m accepted suggestions. Here’s a story that expresses my relationship with my father pretty well. One day, my dad and I decided to go camping.  We were living in Nebraska at the time, having just moved there from Colorado.  Now, when one goes […]

Lake Roosevelt (A ghost town)

This is a story from my camping trip in AZ a couple of months ago (lots of good stories and adventures from that trip!). We had driven all the way down from Flagstaff (having camped near there the night before), and being very misled by a local friend who estimated the driving time between Lake […]