Two cool Kenyan long horned beetles

These two huge long horned beetles caught my attention in Kenya but I couldn’t identify them (no key to use). So if you know, comment below! I was trying to pose this guy with various sized sampling tubes for scale but he would not cooperate haha…gotta love that leopard print though! The long horned beetles […]

Shiny Cerambycid

Discovered on the floor of a Hemlock forest this weekend, this is Anthophylax cyaneus, a Cerambycid beetle with no common name. With a distribution in the northeastern US, relatively little is known about its feeding habits, aside from the fact that the adults seem to visit flowers during May-July in hardwood forests. That’s all, just […]

The Asian Long-horned Beetle

The Asian Long-horned beetle is another boring beetle that contributes to the 3.5 billion dollars US worth of damages to trees every year (along with the Emerald Ash Borer and others).  It is one of the few economically important insect pests that is larger than a penny!  The size and dramatic colouration (i.e. all black […]