African Buffalo

I think this is the last charismatic megafauna from Kenya that I have to post about. Well, I suppose not many people think of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) as charismatic. But I think they’re pretty cool looking, and I enjoyed seeing them in the wild. Also, fierce! Interestingly, many people refer to this buffalo as […]

Ostriches are actually pretty weird-looking up close

I’ve seen ostriches in zoos before, but I don’t think I ever took a really close look at them until I was in Kenya. Up close, they are actually pretty odd. You’ll notice that I didn’t include them in my birds of Kenya posts…because they don’t really feel like birds to me (though they definitely […]

The Zebra

There is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce the word “zebra” and if you’re from the US, you probably say it the wrong way (sorry).  It’s zeb-rah, not zee-brah! It’s pretty fantastic to see these guys in the wild.  You can actually see them in Nairobi, driving from the airport to the […]

A break from graphs with giraffes!

Seriously, though. I’ve been making too many graphs. I’d much rather be watching giraffes. These guys are really so much fun to watch (spot the oxpecker) This is the biggest giraffe I saw…it was huge! They have an awkward beauty about them I should add smug giraffes to my smug lizards calendar (even though they’re […]