An example of travel contrast

I like traveling because I feel like it gives me perspective…there’s a lot to be learned in comparing different places, cultures, and policies.  And weather!  One thing that is usually a pretty dramatic contrast (especially when you’re traveling to a different hemisphere) is the weather.  For example, I heard someone say one day in Kenya […]

The Fall Almost Nobody Sees, by David Budbill

A poem for a slushy, cold, wet, dreary day. The Fall Almost Nobody Sees Everybody’s gone away. They think there’s nothing left to see. The garish colors’ flashy show is over. Now those of us who stay hunker down in sweet silence, blessed emptiness among red-orange shadblow purple-red blueberry copper-brown beech gold tamarack, a few […]

Late September, by Amy Lowell

It’s dark and grey and cold here…a poetry kind of day after I’ve been braving the wind and rain.  Sometimes it’s best to sit down with a hot cup of tea and a poem.  And maybe a fresh honeycrisp apple…mmm…welcome to the first day of autumn. Late September Tang of fruitage in the air; Red […]

Sleepy Bees: Cold in July

Unless one is living in the southern hemisphere, one should never have to say the words “Come inside and get warm,” in the middle of July.  The past couple of days have been cold and rainy, leaving me to wonder whether I should wear gloves as I biked out this morning.  I’m not bitter, but […]

A Hint of Spring, by James Whitcomb Riley

A Hint of Spring ‘Twas but a hint of Spring—for still The atmosphere was sharp and chill Save where the genial sunshine smote The shoulders of my overcoat, And o’er the snow beneath my feet Laid spectral fences down the street. My shadow, even, seemed to be Elate with some new buoyancy, And bowed and […]

The virtues of a cold winter

I know it’s hard to look on the bright side sometimes when you’ve hit the middle of March and wind chills are still well below 0 F.  I’m not gonna lie…even I am tired of shivering and sick of wearing long johns and cuddling with water heaters (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!).  My […]

Paradise, by Louis Jenkins

Our wind chills are dropping well into the negative Fahrenheits again and I’m dreaming of paradise… Paradise January finally drags into February and one fumbles with numb fingers at the ordinary knots and hooks of life. People are irritable, difficult. Some days you want to stay in bed with the covers over your head and […]