We can all use a little time to self-heal*

🙂 Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris) and creeping buttercup (Ranunculus acris) just make a pretty picture in this little Irish meadow. Both common, boring plants, invasive in the US and introduced many other places. But they made me happy and I hope you like them too. This is where they belong. *Pun intended** **This post would only […]

Some gorgeous Kenyan cards

My grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago, and last year my family made the difficult decision to move him to a care facility.  He had been wandering out of the house in the middle of the night on freezing winter nights, and we were worried about his safety.  In some ways, […]

The lovely Carmine Bee-eater

I’ve loved bee-eaters since I saw my first Australian Rainbow Bee-eater (gorgeous, also beautiful). I love them in spite of the name that implies that they eat a lot of bees (which I also love), because this is nature and bees are eaten by lots of different types of attractive birds. There are a lot […]

Autumn Black Locust

  Black locusts are weedy trees, but they’re also very beautiful.  I like their flowers in the summer and their golden leaves in the autumn. All the trees here are bare now, except the few oaks who cling to their brown leaves for most of the winter. Here’s a bit of colour to enjoy on […]