Photos for World Bee Day!

Every day is world bee day on StandingOutInMyField, but today it’s world bee day for everyone! Here are some of my favourite photos of bees I’ve taken around the world. Huzzah! Bees are the greatest! Cleptoparasitic bees Dublin, Ireland Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New York Shiny Green Sweat Bees Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New […]

An urban, orange-tailed mining bee aggregation

I found and photographed another mining bee aggregation! This one was in Dublin, in the heart of the city centre, believe it or not. It was in a little “biodiversity planting” of mostly weeds, but the bees loved it. As per usual, people were walking by on both sides of me while I crawled around […]

Cute Irish birds (paintings)

I painted this card for my sister’s birthday (even though she’s more into lipstick than birds). Ireland has a disproportionate number of adorable birds and I just love them. I can’t help it! I think these paintings are pretty cute too ;). It’s kind of hard to tell from the scan, but I include their […]

It blue* my mind

*pun intended Blue(?) Veronica I love the story about the colour blue in nature. I’ve gone on about how there is no known vertebrate with an actual blue pigment; the rest of the colour blue we see is actually structural pigmentation. On the recent field course I taught in Kenya, I had the following conversation […]

A jedi battle!

My father gave some of my younger cousins lightsabers for Christmas! An hours long saber battle ensued, giving me a wealth of long exposure photo opportunities, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Of the humans, kids are the most fun to photograph because they completely lack the self-consciousness of adults. My cousins would pause their play every […]