Take a hike! (With me?): Kenya edition, Sagalla Hill

Sagalla Hill overlooks the agricultural area where our field station was located and where I did the majority of my field work in Kenya. Every morning, I’d jog on the red dirt road and watch the rising sun stain the hill, usually wreathed in clouds, from down below. I wanted nothing more than to hike […]

Summer Palace

Still going through archival posts to make more room for new material… More images from my trip to China! In this case, we had a very nice tour of the Summer Palace, which was home to the infamous Empress, Ci Xi. My feelings about her are effectively summarised by this paragraph on her Wikipedia page: […]

Laura Street Festival: Brisbane, QLD

I’m not very good at taking photos of people.  I always feel shy about pointing a camera at someone, especially because I hate photos of myself so much.  But the Laura Street Festival was a very nice and relaxed atmosphere, and I wanted to share the few photos I took.   So, yeah, Laura Street […]

Catedral Sal de Zipaquirá

Zipaquirá is a small town north of Bogotá in Colombia. Zipaquirá is mostly a tourist town for Colombians that are making the pilgrimage to la Catedral Sal, or the Salt Cathedral.  Many travel to Zipaquirá by train and although we traveled by bus from Bogotá, we had to get touristy photos in front of it. La […]

Milk before yoghurt (uncultured)

Among my friends, I am (in)famously ignorant of popular culture.  I haven’t owned a television in over a decade and I do not listen to pop music on the radio, nor do I read popular culture magazines.  I somehow missed out on many of the “iconic” movies of our times.  I’m not sure if this […]