Chasing elephants in Tsavo

Well, not actually chasing per se. I worked with a grad student in Kenya who was studying the foraging choices of elephants. What kinds of plants do they like and what nutrition do those plants have? Her project involved driving transects through Tsavo National Park and then trying to watch elephants eat for an hour […]

Baby elephants at the watering hole

It’s pretty hard to compete with baby elephants on the cuteness scale (okay, there’s honestly a lot of cute out there, but baby elephants have their fair share). A big family group coming into the watering hole Baby hiding in back Baby!! Baby butt Baby swimming (the adults won’t let her in much deeper than […]

Mantis photo shoot

Some photos of our office pets…the mantids are some of my favourites! Ghost Mantids (Phyllocrania paradoxa) (I’ve posted photos of them before…we raised these guys from little itty bitty babies) This guy was really hamming it up… A beautiful creature! No paparazzi! Like a belly dancer!* African Twig Mantids (Popa spurca) Budwing Mantids (Parasphendale agrionina) […]