The cheeky chipmunks of Washington and Oregon

My favourite chipmunk photo of the trip. I had to have a separate post for these obnoxious chipmunks. They were everywhere and they seem to know that campers/hikers are easy targets for their big brown eyes and begging. They did a good job of sneaking up on us and trying to steal our lunch. Some […]

The American Dipper

A new life bird for me! We spotted this guy up at June Lake in the Mt. St. Helens national monument. Dippers are adorable; I didn’t get any good photos of this one because it was in the middle of the lake, but the water does make for some attractive shots…even if the bird is […]

Yet another adorable Irish bird…Long-tailed tits

Every time I think I’ve found the most adorable Irish bird (be it stumpy toddy or robin), I find another, even more adorable bird. In this case, the long-tailed tit! They are gregarious, curious, and teeny tiny little fluffs. I just love them. I texted my mother when I found them, “They are so cute, […]