Wood mouse friend and the death of my macro lens

Can you spot him hiding in the nettles? This guy was checking me out while I was sampling in the field the other day! Always fun to see urban wildlife. He gradually got so comfortable with me that he ended up sitting right next to my foot, munching on seeds while I was sampling. But […]

A battle between a dung fly and a jumping spider

(Spoiler: the jumping spider won) Thistles are always a great place to find exciting insect phenomena. Not only do bees and, as I’m increasingly aware, syrphid flies and butterflies, love thistle flowers, but the spiny stems and leaves are a great place for prey and predator alike to hide and chase. If you find a […]

A metallic sweat bee nesting aggregation

So far, I’ve found 4 mining bee nesting aggregations (2 of which I have posted about and 2 of which I will post about) and a feral honeybee hive in a wall that’s hundreds of years old. Therefore, it’s been a spectacular spring for bees and what else really matters anyway? I adore these little […]