Some Kenyan sunbirds

I took a million bird photos in Kenya, so I’m subdividing them into manageable groups for posting.  The sunbirds are one of my favourite old world groups…they’re functionally like hummingbirds in that they drink nectar, but they can only hover for a short time.  Still, they come in lots of beautiful colors and are fun-sized! […]

Enemy, thy name is Vervet Monkey

I expect a lot of readers will find these little jerks cute, but I know the truth, which is that primates in general and monkeys in particular, are total jerks.  I learned this from my experiences working at a zoo, where the primates tortured me on a daily basis, knocking off my glasses, tugging on […]

Spicebush swallowtail caterpillar

These guys are such good snake mimics!  I love how they even imitate eye shine… This is the second one of these I found this year! (PS this is from October) So here are a ton of photos of this cute little guy! Hairy carpenter hands Calloused carpenter hands Ok my hands are not nearly […]

Tarnished Plant Bugs

Ok, so I’m not totally happy with these photos, but I’m sharing them anyway because a fellow scientist drew my attention to the abundance of these little bugs (considered serious agricultural pests) and I can’t believe that I never took a closer look at them. So this summer, I snapped a few photos of tarnished […]

Leaf cutter bee cutting petals

I am super excited to share these photos with you today!  I struggled all summer to get a photo of a leaf cutter bee cutting some of the petals off my partridge peas, and I finally managed it!  In order to get these photos, I had to memorize the sound of the bee’s flight.  They […]