The Goldcrest and the Hawthorne

More birds and trees…a theme this week I suppose. Could be worse…I could write a whole week about pollination or elephants. Whew. Wouldn’t that be terrible. Goldcrests are tiny, adorable, and unsurprisingly* in the same genus as the kinglets. I recognize that these photos are terrible and I’m just going to own it. You get […]

These silly wood pigeons

Before I moved to Ireland, some bird nerdy friends and I brainstormed about what birds I would encounter on the Emerald Isle. They had been to Scotland recently, and we assumed that the birds would be pretty similar. The one bird they wanted me to look out for was the wood pigeon, which they thought […]

Some birds I saw in Oregon

  You already know how this post is going to go…beautiful birds photographed badly 😀 Violet Green Swallows (such pretty birds but a terrible photograph) California Gull juvenile Yellow chats Look at my butt! Maybe a Vesper sparrow? Somebody help me I’m terrible at LBJs* Sure is cute though Spotted Sandpiper bobbing its butt My […]

The cheeky chipmunks of Washington and Oregon

My favourite chipmunk photo of the trip. I had to have a separate post for these obnoxious chipmunks. They were everywhere and they seem to know that campers/hikers are easy targets for their big brown eyes and begging. They did a good job of sneaking up on us and trying to steal our lunch. Some […]