East Coast Nature Reserve, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow

Moody robin Lookin for adventure/food? A little birdwatching site in Wicklow county (which I have to specify because there are at least three Newcastles right around Dublin alone). As in the name, it is on the east coast. I cycled down from Dublin a couple of weeks ago with the plan to take the train […]

Photos from various bike rides around Dublin

I try to go for long rides every weekend. Most of the time, I explore Wicklow National Park, which is just south of Dublin. I bring my camera along and occasionally I’ll stop and take a photo or two. Note that these shots are heavily biased toward the (rare) nice weather when it’s not so […]

A cycle ride in the Wicklow Mountains

  A couple of weeks ago, I selfishly took off Sunday morning for a bike ride in the national park south of the city…I’ve been trying to maximize my observation time in the rare nice weather here, including weekends, but every once in a while a person just has to get out of town. Here […]

Cycles of Gratitude

Bicycle theft is a serious problem in Dublin. Serious. As in I visited a woman who lived on the second floor (third floor for you Americans) and she used to store her bicycle on the balcony…until it was stolen one night. That means a bicycle thief climbed two stories and picked up a bike and […]

231 miles from Central PA to Central NY: second day

This post is continued from yesterday… On the second day, I rode 109 miles and ended up at my friend’s house…I was hurting pretty bad after the first thirty or so. Surprisingly, it was my Achilles tendons that hurt the worst, not my muscles. I don’t know why that is, but it must have been […]

231 miles in two days: Central PA to Central NY by bicycle

I did it! I’ve been training and planning this bike trip for a loooooong time, so I’m super pleased to announce that I successfully rode my bicycle 231 miles in just two days, from central PA to central NY. The destination was carefully selected as…that’s the friend who was willing to give me a ride […]