231 miles from Central PA to Central NY: second day

This post is continued from yesterday… On the second day, I rode 109 miles and ended up at my friend’s house…I was hurting pretty bad after the first thirty or so. Surprisingly, it was my Achilles tendons that hurt the worst, not my muscles. I don’t know why that is, but it must have been […]

231 miles in two days: Central PA to Central NY by bicycle

I did it! I’ve been training and planning this bike trip for a loooooong time, so I’m super pleased to announce that I successfully rode my bicycle 231 miles in just two days, from central PA to central NY. The destination was carefully selected as…that’s the friend who was willing to give me a ride […]

Views from a ride

I love riding my bicycle long distances mostly because the views are so gorgeous.  I always want to share the beauty of the landscapes I ride through, but I’m always loathe to carry a camera (and actually stop while I’m riding, ugh). A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was kind enough to […]

I wish I could cycle like this!

Boy, I do not ride like this…but I wish I did!  It seems like it would be incredibly useful for navigating traffic downtown. These guys are (ridiculously skilled) professional street riders.  Martyn Ashton, the first rider, was sadly injured badly while doing one of the stunts.  But his friends helped him finish the video.  Here’s […]

When you need help…

Last summer, I had a particularly exhausting day.  I had been up early for a run, then I had worked in the community garden, tilling soil with a hoe for two hours until my hands were covered in blisters.  I followed that with a bike ride to a six mile hike with some friends, where […]