Update on the Cheerios seed mix

I discussed the Cheerios seed mix ad nauseum, but despite all the complexities of the issue, you can’t tell me there’s anything wrong with this picture of my niece petting a bumblebee on one of the flowers she grew herself from seed (picture by her mama, my sister). In short, my niece learning that flowers […]

Bees of Arizona

Here are some of the bees I photographed before my macro lens died in Arizona (RIP macro, sniffle). Svastra Svastra on Sphaeralcea Triepeolus Diadasia Megachile https://flic.kr/p/ySq3x4 Melissodes Melissodes are the “long-horned bees” (can you see why?) Anthidium Just a pretty shot with a bee in it Megachile Triepeolus Megachile One of my favourites…Megachile Melissodes with […]

Weird and wonderful insects (Orders)

A post inspired by my friend over at Empress Honey! The five most common insect orders (in terms of diversity and abundance) are Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies (or moths, butterflies, and skippers if you’re pedantic)), Hymenoptera (ants, bees, and wasps), Coleoptera (beetles), Diptera (flies), and Hemiptera (the true bugs).  But the actual diversity of insects […]

Apples to Oranges: Urban Meadows

This is my first ever post request, so let’s see if I can do it justice.  Donna, over at Garden Walk, Garden Talk, has brought up the topic of ‘urban meadows’ and what they mean for pollinators and other communities of insects. She asked me for the perspective of a biologist on whether or not […]