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Saw this first hand when I was in Kenya earlier this year where brutal droughts are devastating the country. It’s very sad because many people don’t have another way to live. The farmers in Kenya were more ready to discuss climate change with me than suburbanites in Pennsylvania…: As The Climate Changes, Kenyan Herders Find […]

Sweat bees, syrphid flies, drought, and humidity

All in a summer’s field work! This field season has been very rough because of epic drought coupled with record heat and humidity, which led to plagues of sweat bees (especially the tiny subgenus Dialictus) and hordes of syrphid flies of nightmare proportions, all of which adore sweaty, sweaty field biologists. I’ve never been particularly […]

When you’re not out standing in your field

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of field work horror stories.  I don’t mean the ones where I was covered in leeches or ticks (or scars), I mean times when things really go wrong with your field work in an epic and disastrous way.  It has happened to any field biologist worth his/her salt. […]