The Clouded Morning, by Jones Very

It feels like this was a poem written about Dublin, but I don’t know if that is true, haha. The Clouded Morning The morning comes, and thickening clouds prevail, Hanging like curtains all the horizon round, Or overhead in heavy stillness sail; So still is day, it seems like night profound; Scarce by the city’s […]

The Fallow Deer of Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is the largest urban park in Europe, and it has a lot of really beautiful elements. One of its most popular attractions is its herd of semi-domesticated fallow deer. You’re not supposed to feed these deer, but (as you’ll see) tourists and locals alike LOVE to feed them. Intermingling crowds of tourists and […]

Day Three of the Beast from the East

More snowy photos…on the third day of the storm, I decided I would walk into work. Cycling was virtually impossible, and there was no public transit running: no trains, buses, trams, or even airplanes. Walking along the Grand Canal A bunch of swans Clearly showing off Many, many people in Dublin took this opportunity to […]


I spotted this guy a couple of weeks ago when I was exploring the length of the Grand Canal here in Dublin. He was relatively difficult to photograph as he was zooming around in this little patch of water vigorously. Cormorants are a common sight along the canal, often perching on buildings or powerlines and […]

Winter birds of Tymon Lake

Notice I took the quotes off winter, because now we have a proper winter! This is the same lake I photographed just a couple of weeks ago while bragging about how lovely the Irish winter was haha! A perfect contrast to my last coot photo of him standing in his own reflection, now frozen into […]