Some “winter” birds of Tymon Park

Tymon is a nice little park in south Dublin with several ponds where waterbirds like to aggregate. Since Ireland has a lot of interesting winter visitors bird-wise, I’ve been visiting periodically to see if anything exciting shows up. But the real question is would I even know? Someone help me with my water birds; I’m […]

A cycle ride in the Wicklow Mountains

  A couple of weeks ago, I selfishly took off Sunday morning for a bike ride in the national park south of the city…I’ve been trying to maximize my observation time in the rare nice weather here, including weekends, but every once in a while a person just has to get out of town. Here […]

This bird with a petal stuck to its head is the best thing I’ve seen all year

This is from March, in Dublin…I was walking home one day and I passed this blackbird with a petal stuck right to the top of its head. I was so delighted that I followed the poor thing all around the field taking photos of it. It seemed so baffled at my interest…of course, it had […]