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This is a really interesting article, but I resent the implication that ecologists don’t pay any attention to evolution. Of course we do! Like what is this crap in a Nature article: “Ecologists have generally ignored evolution when studying their systems; they thought it was impossible to test whether such a slow process could change […]

Updates on our Arthropod pets

I’ve posted about some of the delightful arthropod pets that live in my office before, but we’ve had some adorable additions that I thought I would share. We now have seven tarantulas…here are the ones that were cooperating: Fine, DON’T cooperate! See if I care! We also have a scorpion: And predatory stink bugs (Euthyrhynchus […]

The Bumble Flower Beetle, Euphoria inda

This charismatic beetle can be seen on the first, early warm days of spring.  It buzzes low to the ground and sounds and looks like a bumblebee.  People often mistake it for one!  A bee-mimicking beetle!  My excellent friend, who is a great entomologist, caught the beetle bare handed and brought it home with us […]

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, so I thought I’d post something creepy crawlie…then I realized that I pretty much always post about creepy crawlies.  This is certainly not my favourite holiday (I’m not a fan of gore), but it is fun to be in an Entomology department at this time of year.  We are having a party […]

Weird and wonderful insects (Part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about some unusual insect orders, but even within the familiar orders, there are some strange insects.  For example, the fly order contains things like: Bat Flies are “flattened, spiderlike flies without eyes or wings” (source: wikipedia) and they are parasites of bats.  They are rarely found elsewhere. Carnid flies are another creepy […]

On the wing

The Latin name of all the major insect orders ends in “ptera”, which means “wing”, and for good reason!  The majority of the thirty or so orders of insects are flighted arthropods*, and their wings help to define them both ecologically and taxonomically.  It is even suggestive as to the course of their evolution! For […]