Photos from Gembloux, Belgium

Bienvenue! Ah yes, the answer to my Where in the world quiz is Gembloux, Belgium! I visited Gembloux to learn from researchers at the agricultural university here, because they do some very cool research there and I wanted to learn their methodology. But I admit that a lot of people looked at me like I […]

Photos from Ghent, Belgium

The answer to my quiz from earlier this week was Ghent, in Belgium! It was my first time in Belgium, although I was in Leiden, the Netherlands earlier this year and they are close in proximity. Ghent was way calmer than Dublin, so it was a nice break from the stress, even though I was […]

More photos from Leipzig, Germany

The pose says “Kiss my butt”, but the feathers say <3! Germany! I *technically* have been to Germany before, but last time it was just because I was in Luxembourg and I went for a morning jog and ran to Germany, and I saw some giant snails, it was awesome. Anyway, I actually got a […]

Catedral de Sevilla

I realize that I never posted the answer to my third where in the world quiz…and so many of you were dying to know, I’m sure!  Well, it was Sevilla! Here are some photos I took of one of the main tourist attractions in Sevilla, la Catedral de Sevilla.  According to Wikipedia, “It is the […]

Some Luxembourgish Insects

Insects I saw in Luxembourg! Honeybee visiting Himalayan Balsam…the honeybees looked very different, but I don’t know why Butterfly Some sort of sharpshooter Bumblebee visiting Himalayan Balsam (it’s a very attractive invader) See how different the honeybees are? I love this stripey bumblebee! Anyone know it? This looks a lot like a tarnished plant bug […]