This post contains gluten

It contains wheat! Beautiful, glorious wheat… This field of wheat is Out…Standing… I didn’t get home from the field until 9:30 pm on this day, but the sunset on the wheat fields made it worth it…almost An interloper! I love how red it looks in the sunset Bonus wheat photos from a couple of weeks […]

The Farmer Ants

Ants have been farming for a lot longer than we have! Some of them farm aphids, like cattle, and drink the sweet honeydew they secrete in excess. These are fast little dudes In the tropics, leaf cutter ants are the dominant invertebrate farmers. They collect pieces of leaves (indeed, large colonies can completely defoliate a […]

Views from the apple orchards

Stuck inside briefly because of cloud cover (our protocol does not allow us to sample if we can’t see our shadows because bees are less active on cloudy days), I thought I would upload some photos from the apple orchards this week. Apple blossom Apple orchards in the Hudson Valley sure are scenic! Peaches blooming […]