Shaggy Ink Caps

This is a very common lawn mushroom.  Supposedly, it’s edible, but I’m not tempted to eat something that dissolves into an inky black goop after a couple of hours, are you?  Remember kids, never eat a mushroom in the wild unless you are 100% positive on its identity and you are an experienced mushroom hunter.

Everything you never knew about marshmallows

This is a marshmallow: It is a species from Africa, the original inspiration for today’s sticky sweet treat.  It is of the plant family Malvaceae, which includes the other mallow species, many of which are familiar ornamentals. This species is special though, because it produces a mucilaginous gel, especially from the roots, which can be […]

Abuzz with electricity

Well, if this just isn’t the coolest thing ever! Researchers have recently found that bees use electrical field to find flowers.  The study, published online 21 February in Science Express (Clarke et al. 2013), specifically tested the ability of one species of bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) to detect electrical fields on flowers. The way this works […]

Floral Resources: Appealing to your pollinators

I think that Colony Collapse Disorder really brought a lot of attention to pollination services, at least in the US, where it is a “hot topic”.  It’s hardly a concern in Australia.  What about the UK?  I don’t know how bees are doing there right now. In any case, as honeybee populations collapse around the […]