Feather grass

I just discovered this new species I’m calling feather grass…what an interesting seed dispersal strategy it has! 😀   WILL there really be a morning? Is there such a thing as day? Could I see it from the mountains If I were as tall as they? Has it feet like water-lilies? Has it feathers like […]

This bird with a petal stuck to its head is the best thing I’ve seen all year

This is from March, in Dublin…I was walking home one day and I passed this blackbird with a petal stuck right to the top of its head. I was so delighted that I followed the poor thing all around the field taking photos of it. It seemed so baffled at my interest…of course, it had […]

Photos of the raider dog to cheer up a dreary day

These are the last photos of Rascal I got before I left the US. She’s hilarious! And adorable! What a ham… Her loves to run I love the way her tail goes straight up when she’s paying attention Uh oh, mayday! Incoming puppy! I have no words She has lost control of her hindquarters XD […]

Duck! on the roof

Gotta get up to get down…? I can appreciate a duck on a roof Mallards are amazingly tolerant to human disturbance…they’ll swim around in little ponds that form on the sidewalk on campus He does have the high ground His lady friend was on the ground, very mellow Pretty duck I’ll check back to see […]