Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus)

Out on the night of the Great Salamander Meander this year, we spotted quite a few frogs moving from the forest to the river as well.  Despite the great variety in the coloration of these frogs, I believe they are all representatives of the species Lithobates sylvaticus (the wood frog). Let me know if you […]

Spring peeper photo shoot

Forgive me, I’m liking these photo shoot posts, which feature a cool animal.  I guess the feeling is right because this is how I interact with creatures.  I often find a single new or awesome animal on a hike, and it becomes the highlight of the walk.  I take a lot of photos from different […]

The Aptly Named Mount Glorious: Herpetology

I have always felt that the term “herpetology” is a little unfair.  I mean, why do reptiles and amphibians get lumped together?  Don’t they deserve their own fields?!?!  Okay, the study of just amphibians is batrachology, but that’s hardly common knowledge (name that movie!), and no one is introduced as a “batrachologist”. Anyway, my most […]